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Kara 4 Kids- Preschool and Daycare Centre

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  • Locality: HBR Layout
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With numerous other Preschools & Daycare Centres to choose from,
permit us to give you some reasons, what differentiates Kara4Kids
and why you should perhaps consider our Preschool for the next
stage of your Child’s development ?

Kara4Kids was set up after nearly three years research into the
Best Practices adopted by the 3 Leading countries in this domain,
namely the UK, US and Italy, then adapted to the unique Indian
milieu and culture. Our first school was started nearly 10 years
ago. Kara4Kids in their present form were started over 6 years
ago, this being our 7th year ; well over a thousand kids have
passed out from our Portals during this period. Incidentally, all
our 3 Centres are company-run, that is no franchises, to enable
us to be the “gold-standard” in this industry, which is our
most important Vision-statement.

As Chairman and Co-Founder of the Schools, I am an I.I.T.
Graduate with over 45 years of Corporate experience and have been
a MD of a company listed on the London Stock Exchange(LSE) and
Chairman of two companies listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange

With this background, you can be certain that all our Centres are
run professionally and follow the rules of big-company Corporate
Governance. All our Teachers are well-qualified and continuously
trained. All our Welfare-Support team (“Didis”) who actually
handle the children are well-paid, members of ESI and a
Retirement Gratuity scheme, with proper annual and medical leave
and regular medical check-ups. In other words they are not
Domestic servants in disguise but highly valued members of our
team, treated with dignity, from which your children will
immediately benefit, from the loving care that they receive.

Kara4Kids has been set up especially for “Discerning
Parents”....but what is a Discerning Parent ?

A Discerning Parent is a “Thinking Parent” who understands
that the first 5 years of a child’s existence are vital to the
child’s “success” in Life, however you choose to define
this term. Study after Study shows that over 90% of the Brain’s
Synapses (Connections which govern logicality, IQ, EQ, Social
confidence, Negotiating skills, leadership qualities etc.) are
formed during this period. Thus a Good Preschool helps the
Parents to lay-down the Foundation and the Stronger the
Foundation, the taller the Building can rise !

This is what Ellen Booth Church, a British authority on Early
Childhood Learning said recently in an interview (Read TOI dated
4th June 2012 for the full interview) : “We know from brain
research that the first 2000 days in a child’s life are the
most important. Children are born with billions of brain cells
but unless we stimulate them and develop programmes that
encourage the synaptic connections between these cells, they
actually die off…this is the window of opportunity to develop
thinkers and lifelong learners….and to make a child be in love
with learning ”.. “One of the things we have learnt is that
there is huge value in children interacting with other children
and trained adults in a Preschool environment, as they prepare
children for interaction with other people”. Letter after
letter compliments us on the smoothness of the transition into
the Main Schools. Indeed Kara “graduates” now exist in all
the Top Main Schools in Bangalore without exception and are
welcomed everywhere.

Indeed we can show you hundreds of letters from Parents telling
us the same thing : How their child has been TRANSFORMED from a
shy, gawky, caterpillar….into a confident, beautiful butterfly,
who can fly around unaided and is not afraid to take on the
world. So how and why is this TRANSFORMATION achieved? Of course
we have well trained Teachers but that is a ‘given’ with all
the top Preschool & Daycare providers. An important reason is our
“Support system”. At the end of the last Academic year we had
nearly 250 children supported by 80 Adults. This is
unquestionably the highest Child-Adult Support Ratio anywhere in
the country and shows up in the confidence that our children
exhibit by the time they leave Kara.

Kara is not a Sausage factory producing “identi-kids”. Kara
is a Boutique, where children are treated individually, where
they are ‘mapped’ and allowed to grow at their own pace.
Furthermore we consider their holistic development, not only IQ,
but their kinaesthetic, aesthetic, musical, social and emotional
development which are equally important. Together, these
Life-skills make for success in Life, in fulfilling their
Heart’s desire, whether it be Mountain climbing or Dancing or
becoming a Neuro surgeon !

Possibly the most important reason for the TRANSFORMATION is the
eclectic mix of our children. We have Parents from Corporates
like Google, Intel, Microsoft, Texas Instruments, Tesco, Goldman
Sachs, Accenture, Infosys, Wipro. TCS and all the other leading
companies in Bangalore you can mention. When

20 bright kids from bright Parents like yourselves, rub shoulders
on a daily basis…the result is enhanced sharpness of mind, a
tremendous increase in poise, social confidence and
articulacy...we call it “Magic”!

Incidentally, Kara4Kids operates a unique “Open-Door” policy
which means that any Parent can walk in anytime to spend time
with their child and other Parents who may be visiting…we
consider you to be a part of the Kara family and family members
do not need invitations to visit their own kith and kin !

Some 20% of our Kids are returned NRI’s or Expatriates as these
Parents are looking for a Preschool with international standards.
Indeed many Kara Parents make huge efforts, some by travelling
long distances, to enroll their children, for access to all the
Main Schools in Bangalore and for the transformation they see
taking place.

So if you too are willing to make some efforts for your child’s
future, please ring Trupti at +91.97433.33601 and visit us on any
day between Monday and Friday to get a feel for what a
working-day would be like ? If this is not possible we can meet
you out of school time on a Saturday. Alternatively mail us at

With Regards,


HSR Layout
Kara 4 Kids

65 IAS Officer's Colony
15th Cross, 4th Sector
HSR Layout
Bangalore 560 034
Contact: Meenu
Tel: +91 80 25726344
Mobile: +91 9844132323

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