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You are invited to attend an Amazing Opportunity to Learn To Become HEALTHY , from very successful people who are leading an extra ordinary life; Gift yourself THE BIGGEST OPPORTUNITY . Our No:1 Priority is giving you Financial & Health Freedom.
Our body needs 20% exercise and 80% balanced healthy nutrition. We are in a mission of changing 50 peoples lives with HERBALIFE NUTRITION , making the world healthier, with a healthy active life style and healthy aging. We have the best nutrition for all ages which can take care of all health demands. We are experts in (i) WEIGHT LOSS (ii) WEIGHT GAIN (iii) WEIGHT MAINTENANCE (iv) CHILD NUTRITION (v) SKIN CARE (vi) ENERGY & FITNESS. We have UNBELIEVBLE AND EXCELLENT results.

My name is Dr Sabiha, I am a Herbalife Distributor and my goal is to help you improve your well being through the use of high quality herbal nutrition products from Herbalife. Herbalife products have 32 year long history and proven the teste of the times. Herbalife has changed my life for better and it can change your life too.
Weight management is one of the biggest that we Indians face due to the high-calorie diet intake. Earlier I was slim and trim i was having a active life used to go to gym , diet and was Happy with myself .because of a major accident ,sever burns,I had to go through OT more then 10 TIMES then had a Plastic surgery and I was at rest for more then two years I was exhausted ,depressed ,over weight, And being from Dentist background, it become even more difficult was most of the job is done sedentary. The timing is completely skewed which causes even more burden to body ,putting on weight. I have been involved in multipl ways but still, it was very hard to keep the weight under check and before taking up Herbalife I have on the extreme obese category. I tried various means to reduce weight including - Gym, Jogging, Yoga, Walking, Tummy-tucks, Massages, consumption of black-tea with lime. None of these helped me in reducing my weight.
Then one of my friends asked me to try out Herbalife and I was very skeptical. But, finally I decided to go ahead and get my body-evaluation done. I was advised the 'Herbalife dietary plan'. Addition of this into my day-to-day life, I started seeing the difference. In the first month I reduced nearly 2kgs, for a normal person 4 kgs weight is possible as I had used lots of medicines it is so slow for me . And in matter over 2yrs I lost 16 kgs, for many people of 5-6 months They have lost whopping 16kgs of weight I still have to lose 20 kgs I AM ON MY WAY ,folloing A HEALTHY ACTIVE LIFESTYLE. Now, every family function or relative house that I visit, they keep asking me the mantra for my weight-loss. I tell that its one and only, Herbalife. Thanks for Herbalife, I now believe in miracles.
Thanks for to my wellness consultant, I have been constantly guided and now Herbalife is part of my lifestyle. Apart from internal nutrition, Herbalife also specializes in 'External Nutrition' which is essential for a wholesome life.
Herbalife program is really simple to follow and provides amazing benefits. In today's fast paced life, Herbalife is the most practical solution to stay fit through such high quality nutrition. By being fit , one could also avoid the lifestyle diseases which are gripping urban india faster than ever. Please contact me for a free consultation and body composition analysis. Believe me Herbalife is amazing nutrition, which can change your life for ever for better!!!
If you want to lose weight, improve your fitness, increase your energy or simply look your best, I can help you achieve your goals. The Herbalife weight loss program has gained tremendous popularity in recent years. It is being adopted by an increasing number of people looking to re-shape their bodies, and feel fit and energized. Honestly... if you've had enough of being overweight, lacking energy, not feeling really fit, and you'd love to get a trim body, having stamina to win every challenge, and to look and feel super fit... then Herbalife weight loss program is definitely worth a look.
The reasons to choose Herbalife Weight Loss program are many. Here are some of the top reasons:
1. Physically Less Attractive - Protruding belly, flabby stomach and other parts of the body. Fat deposits on the face and chin and oily skin.
2. Lower Energy Levels - Feeling tired and sleepy during the day and not being able to perform actively throughout the day
3. Lower productivity at work - Lower levels of focus, concentration and motivation at work
4. Lower Self Esteem and Low Self Confidence - Decrease in self confidence in public, among friends and family
The weight loss program is carefully recommended after analyzing full body composition (trunk subcutaneous fat, visceral fat, body fat, muscle mass, resting metabolism/basal metabolic rate, biological age) and taking into consideration ones lifestyle and diet habits. As our weight loss programs are clutter free, extremely simple to follow and based on high quality nutrition, our clients experience more than just the weight loss.
There are significant and measurable improvements in appearance, health, energy levels, productivity, libido and overall lifestyle. Here are the results and significant benefits experienced on average by our clients after their weight loss program:
1. Weight loss of 10 Kgs to 20 kgs within reasonable time frame, attain and maintain your ideal weight PERMANENTLY
2. Physically more attractive: Slimmer, shapely appearance, reduction in body fat on thighs, belly, face and buttocks. Clearer and younger looking skin tone and complexion
3. Increase in energy (higher energy levels throughout the day)
4. You will be able to feel fit with the reduced weight
5. Higher levels of happiness and good feeling about one self which would a natural outcome
6. Higher quality of life and lifestyle
Each of Herbalife's highest quality products are thoroughly researched and evaluated based on the following primary criteria:
Ingredient Quality
Customer Feedback
If you are a first time visitor, I invite you to browse through our catalog and become familiar with our product line.
Please, call me on (or sms to) mobile phone no: 09900002857; or e-mail.
Thank you and Regards.
Dr. Sabiha
Professional WELLNESS COACH,
Herbalife Nutrition,
Bangalore-560 076.
Mob: 09900002857
e-mail address:


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