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  • Course: Management
  • Locality: Babusapalya
  • You are: Offering professional course
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No. 11, MKB SQUARE, Near Vijaya Bank, Outer Ring Road, Marthahalli Bridge, Bangalore - 37.
9880756789 / 08042277050
MNP Technologies is a leading and premier IT training institute in Bangalore. MNP Technologies provides a high-quality of training to our students and we provide advanced labs to do practical experiments and Classrooms to become an expert in any IT Course.
We provide expert trainers who have work experience in TOP MNC Company across India. Our trainer are real time experience faculty will provide a best training methodology and courseware with 100% real time project scenarios, Cost-Effective and Quality in all the courses

SQL Course Contents:
Basic Head’s up:
File System v/s Database
• Database
• DBMS Concepts
• RDBMS Concepts
• Oracle and SQL Server
SQL Server Installations for Both SQL 2005/2008:
SQL Server Environment:
• Hardware Requirements/SW Requirements
• Installing SQL Server 2005/2008
• SQL Authentication Modes
• Service Accounts
• SQL Server 2005 and 2008
• New Features in SQL Server 2005 and 2008
• SQL Server Management Studio Enhancements in
• SSMS – 2008
Understanding of SQL Client Tool and Properties 2005/2008:
SQL Server Overview:
• Understanding Client Server Architecture
• Introducing the Tools
• Selecting Addition
• Explaining Items in the Object Explorer
• Explaining the Columns Properties Dialog
• Using the Query Editor
SQL Languages:
Referential Integrities B/W the Table Objects:
Data Integrity:
• Domain Integrity
• Entity Integrity
• Referential Integrity

Effectives Ways of Designing the Tables:
Data Design:
• Normalization
• De Normalization
• Database Diagrams (E-R)
Ways to Retrieve the Data from Multiple Tables Using Joins and Sub Queries:
Joins and Sub Queries:
• SQL Operators
• Simple Queries
• Built in Functions
• Joins
• Advanced Queries
Logical Definition of View and Different type of Views:
• Create View
• Advantage of Views
• Updatable Views
• Non Updatable Views
• Index Views
Introduction to Cursors:
• Declaring Cursors
• Modifications Through Cursors
• Types of Cursors
• Advantages of Cursors
Introduction to Procedure Logics:
Stored Procedures:
• System Stored Procedure
• User Stored Procedures
• Passing IN/ OUT Parameters
• Altering Procedure
• Advantages of Procedure
Introduction to Temp Objects in SQL Server
Temp Objects:
• Temp Table and global Temp Table
• Temp Variables
• CTE and Recursive CTE
• Usage of these temp objects in Stored Procedure and Cursors
Introduction to Functions:
User Defined Functions:
• Scalar UDF
• Inline UDF
• Multi Statement Table UDF
• Difference Between the Stored Procedures and Functions
Introduction to Triggers:
• DML Triggers (After / Instead of)
• DDL Triggers
• Magic Tables
• Advantages of Triggers
Organization of Indexes in SQL Server:
• Clustered Index
• Non Clustered Index
• Creating Index
• Advantages Of Indexes
Transactions, Blocking and Deadlocking:
ACID Properties:
• Atomicity, Consistency, Integrity, Durability
• Programming Transactions
• Default Locking and Blocking Behavior
• Handling & Minimizing deadlocks
Handling the Error’s and Exception in Procedural Logic:
Error Handling:
• Error Handling with Try…CATCH
• Raising the Custom Error
• User defined Errors/Exception Messages
• How to use these in stored Procedures and Functions
Database Maintenance:
• Backup Database
• Restore Database
• Deployment of Database
• Generating T-SQL Scripts and Batches
• System Databases and System Tables
Working with SQLServer Scheduler’s to automate the Process:
SQL Server Agent:
• Jobs
• Schedules
• Alerts,
• Op
SSIS Course Contents:
Basic Introduction of MSBI and its Pre existing Versions:
Basic Head’s up MS-BI:
• What is MS-BI
• BI/DWH Life Cycle
• ETL and OLAP Tools
• Difference between DTS and SSIS
• Difference between SSIS 2005/2008
• Features of MS-BI
SSIS Installations for Both SQL 2005/2008 and Tools Configuration:
Introduction to SSIS:
• Package
• Tasks
• SSIS Installation
• SSIS Architecture
Basic Package Creation:
Examples of Control flow Tasks:
Developing SSIS Packages:
• SSIS Wizard
• SSIS Designer
• Control Flow Tasks
• Precedence Constraints
Examples of Data Flow Transformations:
Working with Data Flow Transformation:
• Data Flow Task (ETL)
Paradigm of Variables:
Using Expressions and Variables and Data Types for Variables:
• Variables and Expressions
Getting Started in SSIS Scripting:
Scripting in both Control Flow and Data Flow:
• .Net Scripting in SSIS

Essential Coding, Debugging and Trouble Shooting:
Error Handling and Logging and Debugging SSIS:
• Types of Events and Events and Events Handling
• Configure Error Output
• Data Viewers
• Breakpoints
• Execution Logging
Reliability and Scalability:
Package Transactions and Restarting Packages:
• Single Package, Single Transaction
• Single Package, Multiple Transaction
• Two Packages, One Transaction
• Single Package Using a Native Transaction in SQL Server
• Check Points in SSIS(Restarting ability after failure)
Administering SSIS:
SSIS Administration Part 1:
• Deployment
• Configuration
Administering SSIS:
SSIS Administration Part 2:
• Security
• Manually Executing SSIS
• Scheduling SSIS Package
• Importing and Exporting Packages in SQLServer/BIDS
Administering SSIS:
SSIS Administration Part 3:
• Monitoring and Optimizing Packages
Loading a Data Warehouse:
DWH with SSIS:
• DWH Concepts and Architecture
• Loading a Dimension Tables
• Considerations and Alternates to the SCD Transformation

SSRS Course Contents:
Basic Head's up with SSRS and Tools:
Introduction to SSRS:
• Introduction of SSRS and Architecture
• Report ting Services Installation
• Repotting Services Configuration

Basic Report Design:
• Data Sources
• Datasets
• Reports
• Report Wizard
• Report Designer
• Report Items

Designing the Reports with Different data Region and Reporting Formats:
Authoring Reports:
• Report Layout Sections
• SSRS Expressions
• Working with Data Regions
• Parameterized Reports

Advance Reporting:
Advanced Authoring:
• Drill Down Reports
• Sub Reports
• Filters in SSRS
• Actions in SSRS
• .NET Scripting in SSRS
• Installation and Configuration

Security and Monitoring the SSRS Reporting:
SSRS Administration:
• Deployment and Security
• Subscriptions and Rendering
• Caching and Snapshots
• Report Model Project

Working with Model Project-part 1:
Adcock Reports Development:
• Model Designer
• Create Sample Reports with Report Builder

Working with Model Project-part 2:
Introduction to Report Builder:
• Basic and sample reports with Report Builders

SSAS Course Contents:
First Look at Analysis Services 2005 and Key Elements of a Data Warehouse:
Introduction to SSAS:
• Unified Dimensional Model
• Dimensions
• Facts
• Data Sources
• Data Source Views

Advanced SSAS:
Developing Cubes:
• Cube Designer
• Partitions and Aggregations
• Dimension Usage
• Calculations and Kips
• Perspectives, Actions
• Translations
• Write-back feature

Administration, Performance Tuning Integration:
SSAS Administration:
• Installation
• Configuration
• Deployment
• Processing
• Security

Backup and Restore

Introduction to MDX:
MDX Language:
• Fundamental Concepts
• Removing Empty Cells
• Filtering Members on Axes
• Ranking and Sorting
• Parameterize Your Queries
• MDX Functions

Reporting Services:
• Creating a basic Report with Analysis Services

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