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NMIMS Assignment Solutions September 2016

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Capital Market and Portfolio Management
1. The details of the portfolio are:
Portfolio Observed Return Beta
Reliance 15% 0.6

Return on the market portfolio is 9%, while the risk-free return is 7%. Assume standard Deviation of the market to be 8%. Calculate the Treynor and Jensen s index. (10 marks)
2. The details of portfolio of Anita is:
Security Expected Return Standard Deviation Weight
A 12% 10% .40
B 15% 12% .60

Covariance of security A and B is 0.0064. Calculate:
i. Expected return of portfolio
ii. Variance of the portfolio (10 marks)
3. Calculate:
a) If the following information is available for stock A and B, which one is more profitable to invest and why? (5 marks)
Probability Return on stock A(%) Return on stock B(%)
0.10 10 12
0.15 8 11
0.20 12 9
0.25 15 -4
0.30 14 10

b) Calculate the weighted average return of the securities consisting of the following portfolio: (5 marks)
Security Proportion of investment in
the portfolio(%) Return (%)
SBI 10 10
ITC 20 12
DLF 25 15
RNL 30 18
Wipro 15 11

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Commercial Banking System and Role of RBI
Q1. Ajay is elder brother of Vijay working at Hyderabad. Vijay staying at Kolkata wanted Rs 20000/ urgently and requested his brother to send money. Ajay took DD for Rs 20000 from ICICI bank Hyderabad and sent the same by post to Vijay.
Vijay s roommate Vijaykumar received the post, took the DD and deposited the same in his account with CBI Kolkata. He withdrew the money and left the place.
When Vijay complained to his brother about the non receipt of DD, Ajay enquired with ICICI bank and found that the DD has already been paid.
Discuss whose negligence resulted in this wrong payment and how Vijay will get back the money. (10 Marks)
Q2: Bankruptcy Bill passed, and banking stocks give thumbs up Discuss (10 Marks)
Q3a) Mrs Rani has presented a matured fixed deposit for payment. The receipt is in the name of Mrs.Rani. The bank did not make payment of the amount .On enquiry the bank told that the husband of Mrs Rani has taken a loan. They have retained the FDR proceeds as security for that loan. Whether the banker is right in doing so? Please comment from the angle of banker s rights. (5 marks)
Q3b) In an organisation, the following figures are available. (5 marks)
Trade debtors 80000
Trade creditors 50000
Average daily purchases 1000
Average daily sales 2000
Opening stock Rs 16000.00
Purchase Rs 1,10,000.00
Sales Rs 1,44,000.00
Closing stock Rs 8000.00
Q1. Calculate the Inventory turnover ratio?
Q2. Average credit enjoyed is-----------------days
Q3. Average credit allowed is ------------------days.

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Corporate Finance
1. You being the financial manager of Ashok Pharma Ltd. The top management asks you to present the performance budget. Prepare and discuss the key constituents of the performance budget of the firm. (10 marks)
2. Mr.Yammin wants to start with a chain of restaurants. But, he does not have sufficient funds. One of his friends suggested, raising capital by way of venture financing. Keeping in mind the scenario as discussed, suggest the methods of venture capital financing prevalent in India. (10 marks)
3. Tanna Developers , a leading real estate entity, is thinking about investing in a piece of land that costs Rs 85lacs, as the developer is very sure that next year the land will have a value of Rs91 Lacs. The owner of the Tanna Developers approached Mr. Mihir Verma, a renowned financial analyst and requests him to advice on the same .Provided the interest rate in the bank is 10%.
a. Evaluate the proposal, as if, you are the financial analyst and recommend the course of action to be taken by the developer. (5 marks)
b. Also, Calculate the NPV of the proposal. (5 marks)
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Cost and Management Accounting
1. From the following data, which product would you recommend to be manufactured in a factory, time being the key factor? (10 marks)
Particulars Per unit of Product
A(Rs.) Per unit of Product B
Direct material 20 16
Direct Labour @ Re. 1per hr 2 3
Variable overhead Rs.2 per hr 3 5
Selling price 90 100
Standard time to produce 2 hours 3 hours

2. Atul has joined XYZ Ltd as management consultant. He is given the responsibility of providing accounting information to the management through his presentation next week. Help him with the different tools and techniques he needs to focus. (10 marks)
3. To manufacture one unit of product, the requirement is 2 Kgs of material @ Rs.4 per Kg. Actual output is 300 units. Actual quantity of materials used is 700 kgs @Rs.3.25. Calculate and interpret the result:
a) Material cost variance (5 marks)
b) Material price variance (5 marks)
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Customer Relationship Management
Q.1) You are the Chief Marketing Officer of a Multi-brand Retail chain of outlets in India. Recently a substantial chunk of your customers are shifting their loyalty towards a rival retail brand. What will you do to prevent customer defections & maintain their loyalty with your Retail brand? (10 Marks)
Q.2) You are the Branch manager of a Nationalised bank, namely ABC bank & lately, it has been reported to you that your bank branch is making the least of profits in comparison to your competitor private sector bank branches operating in your area. What steps will you undertake to turnaround the fortunes of your bank branch? How will CRM help you in this effort? (10 Marks)
Q.3 a) A customer has bought your branded shoes titled as Walkathon for 4 years & then stops for 6 months. Over 4 years, your customer has made 16 purchases. You have earned a profit per unit of Rs.750. What is the lifetime of the customer? Also Calculate the LTV of the customer. (5 marks)
Q.3 b) You are the Sales Manager of a Mobile handset company & need to train your sales staff about Sales Force Automation which has been recently introduced into the company. Which aspects of application areas would you highlight in your training program? (5 marks)

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Financial Institutions & Markets
Q.1) India has seen a rapid growth in industrial development with the launch of Make in India campaign lead by Hon. Prime Minister. Grabbing this opportunity many companies started the business with rapid growth and development. A company named M/s. Galaxy Industries in the business of Textile consults you for helping them to raise capital. The company requests you to advise them on different mechanisms by which company can raise money in the primary market? (10 Marks)
Q.2) What do you mean by Mutual Funds and explain the structure of mutual funds in detail? (10 Marks)
Q.3 a) Mr. A wanted to purchase foreign currency. Explain the participants that are involved from whom Mr. A can purchase the foreign exchange (5 Marks)
Q.3 b) Discuss the fund based services offered by commercial banks with the help of suitable examples? (5 Marks)
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International Finance
1. In view of the INR depreciation against USD, Importers and Foreign Currency borrowers are worried about their future liability for the Foreign Currency Loans & Import Payments. Explain the factors impacting Forex Markets in India. (10 marks)
2. FII s and importers feel happy when INR appreciate against Foreign Currency, whereas Exporters get worried about their realizations in FC. Suggest the various Forex Risk Management Products for hedging their Forex Risk by FII s, Exporters, Importers and Foreign currency borrowers in India. Explain each product. (10 marks)
3. Explain Balance of Payment and impact on Forex Reserves due to following:
a. Current Account Transactions (5 marks)
b. Capital Account Transactions (5 marks)

International Marketing
Q1. M/s Parle now plan to venture into international market. The company plans to begin with brands of biscuits like Parle G, Monaco, Hide and Seek etc. You have been asked to study and analyse the international environment and select any one international market where the company can launch the products. Explain the international environment analysis that you will undertake with reason. (10 Marks)
Q2. Prepare a detailed 4P s of Marketing Mix for any two brands of Parle in the selected International Market. Explain with reason. (10 Marks)
Q3. Answer in brief
a) From the same case above, you are required to prepare distribution network for Parle biscuits in the international market. (5 Marks)
b) What are the differences that you will face in the national and international market for biscuits? (5 Marks)
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Marketing of Financial Services
1. You had bought a Family Floater Health Insurance policy from a leading private General Insurance company. Two months ago a family member covered under the policy was hospitalized for 2 days. The insurance company has not yet settled your claim. What steps and strategy would you follow to ensure that the insurance company settles your claim? (10 Marks)
2. Develop a Service Marketing Mix (using 8 Ps) for a Mutual Fund (Asset Management Company) of your choice. (10 Marks)
3. Amit Advani, aged 35 years, working with a pharmaceutical company, has approached you for preparing his Financial Plan. He earns salary of Rs. 12 lakh per annum. His wife Deepti, aged 36 years, is a homemaker. They have two sons Ansh and Vansh, aged 6 years and 4 years respectively.
a) Amit and Deepti want you to prepare a financial plan to invest for Ansh and Vansh s higher education. This education fund would be required after 15 years and 17 years respectively. (5 Marks)
b) Amit wants to start a business before he crosses the age of 50. Help Amit develop a plan to become an entrepreneur. (5 Marks)
Marketing Strategy
1. Mr. Anand starts a new company Smart Bags that manufactures and sells purses, wallets and bags. The company is known for genuine products. The USP of Smart Bags is that they never use leather. They promote social cause and campaigns against usage of leather. The company sells the product to mass market. The prices are mid ranged and cater to middle class. The company has increased its operation from one retail store to 90 stores. The company now wants to introduce professionalism in the organisation. Mr. Anand asks you to draft Vision, Mission, Goals, objectives and plans of the organisation. (10 Marks)
2. Draft PEST analysis for Smart Bags . (10 Marks)
3. Answer the following question
a) Construct of SWOT analysis for Smart Bags . (5 Marks)
b) Draft and apply McKinsey and Company s 7S Framework for Smart Bags . (5 Marks)
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Organisation Culture
1. Prepare a comparative study on the culture of any two Indian retail giants. Which culture do you think is better? Justify (10 Marks)
2. Take one country from east and another from west and compare their culture on the basis on Hofstede s model of organisation culture (10 Marks)
3. The Saamaan Department Store had a large department that employed six sales clerks. Most of these clerks were loyal and faithful employees who had worked in the department more than ten years. They formed a closely knit social group. The store embarked on an expansion program requiring four new clerks to be hired in the department within six months. These newcomers soon learned that the old-timers took the desirable times for tea breaks, leaving the most undesirable periods for newcomers. The old-time clerks also received priority from the old-time cashier, which required the newcomers to wait in line at the cash register until the old-timers had their sales recorded. A number of customers complained to store management about this practice.
In addition, the old-timers frequently instructed newcomers to straighten merchandise in the stock room and to clean displays on the sales floor, although this work was just as much a responsibility of the old-timers. The result was that old-timers had more time to make sales and newcomers had less time. Since commissions were paid on sales, the newcomers complained to the department manager about this practice.
a) Discuss the organizational culture issues illustrated by this case. What factors contribute to such a culture? What are the consequences of such a culture? (5 marks)
b) If you were manager of the department, what would you do to change the culture of Saamaan? Why? (5 marks)
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Sales Management
1. Take an example of any car brand of your choice, and explain in detail the concept of AIDAS Theory (10 Marks)
2. You as a head of Sales team how do you formulate the sales strategy - Please take a example of any Industrial product of your choice for the purpose of discussion. (10 Marks)
3. Indian company engaged in the manufacture of colour cosmetics; this company until now manufactured products for several Indian as well as MNC companies marketing colour cosmetics based in India, on third party manufacturing basis. However now they are keen to enter the Indian market with their own brands of colour cosmetics:
a. You are their Sales & Marketing consultant, what are your recommendations for this company for Sales force deployment & Sales strategy to enter the market. Explain in detail . (5 Marks)
b. What is your advise to the company on branding of their products and product positioning, since the company s brands will be in the market for the first time. (5 Marks)

Retail Banking
1. Consider you are the branch manager of ABC Bank. There is an increase in the non-performing assets of your branch due to which your promotion has got stalled. As a manager, what are the different ways in which you will manage the loan portfolio of the branch, to decrease the default risk? (10 Marks)
2. A bank has recently started its operations in Surat. You are appointed as the manager of the bank and have been assigned with the responsibility of increasing the customer database within one year. How would you ensure that you meet this responsibility? (10 Marks)
3. Suggest suitable solution for both the scenarios mentioned below:
a) Anita wanted to save some money for her future but she did not have lumpsum to deposit in the bank but instead she could make small investments regularly. Suggest suitable investment policy for her. (5 Marks)
b) Alok was a businessman and had requirement of funds in the future but was not sure of the exact time as well as the amount as that would be depending on the demand of the product in the market. As the finance manager of Alok s business, suggest suitable type of borrowing from the bank. (5 Marks)
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Strategic Cost Management

Question 1 (10 Marks)
The Board of Directors of CP Ltd. is considering Investment in a project having a life of 5 years. The project is based in an upcoming Asian country. Forecast financial data is as follows:
(Rs. Million)
Year 0 1 2 3 4 5
Fixed Assets (500)
Capital (50)
Revenue 370 500 510 515 475
Costs 300 325 335 330 325
Charges 15 15 15 15 15
Depreciation 100 100 100 100 100
Profit before
Tax (45) 60 60 70 35
The applicable tax rate is 33%. The company s cost of capital is 12% and the target accounting rate of return is 25%. The initial investment has no salvage value. The working capital is expected to be liquidated at the end of the life at its book value.
Compute the NPV and advice the management if the investment should to be undertaken.
Question 2 (10 Marks)
During a recent Management meeting, a newly recruited cost trainee referred to Cost Benefit Analysis . To team got excited and asked the trainee to briefly explain what are the benefits & criticism of Cost Benefit Analysis.
You being the new cost trainee is expected to discuss what Cost Benefit Analysis is.
Question 3
(a) The present management team of Sumo Ltd is not happy with the traditional costing system and have asked you as a Management Accountant to evaluate Activity Based Costing. Please run the management team through the various steps involved in Activity Based Cost allocation. (5 Marks)
(b) A new start up is evaluating launching its product in the market. They have appointed a consultant and are interested in understanding the concept of Product Life Cycle . You being the lead consultant, are required to take the management team through a brief explanation of the same. (5 Marks)

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Strategic Financial Management
1. East Co. is considering the potential acquisition of West Co. by exchange of equity shares and the exchange ratio is based on the current market price.The basic data is as under: (10 Marks)
East Co. Ltd. West Co. Ltd.
EAT (Rs.) 200,000 60,000
No. of Equity
Shares 40,000 10,000
Market Value per
share 15 12

Calculate the new EPS of East Co. Ltd, if the exchange ratio is based ona.
Current market price
b. Current EPS
2. An Infrastructure company has recently been awarded a sea link project. The funding has to be external as the organization itself is not capable to provide it from its own sources. They have decided to approach a financial institution for the same. The CEO has hence asked you as Financial Manager to explain various stages involved in project financing (10 Marks)
3 A) C Ltd. has been running a huge cash balance in its Balance Sheet for quite some time. The shareholders have been concerned that the company is unable to utilize its cash effectively. Having noted this concern during the AGM, the BOD has decided to pursue M&A activity aggressively. As an M&A strategy consultant, you are briefly expected to discuss the techniques of Business Valuation (5 Marks)
3 B) During the recently concluded AGM, a small shareholder group had created a ruckus on the amount of dividend paid by the company in last few years. They have been dissatisfied with the amount and have been demanding higher dividends. Discuss in brief the practical considerations that the management takes into account while deciding the various dividend policy. (5 Marks)
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Supply Chain Management
1. A consumer who wishes to buy a book can either order the book online from a website like or purchase the same from a nearby bookstore like Crosswords. How are the supply chains different for these two companies? In your opinion, what are the strategies the online retailers like Flipkart, have adopted to cope with the fluctuating demands especially during the period of offering heavy discounts to the consumers? Do customers expect the same kind of service from both the companies? (10 marks)
2. As a manager of Rinko Laboratories that makes the Sunshine detergent powder, explain how will you design and implement a supply chain for Sunshine detergent powder. (10 marks)
3. A) Give examples of two Indian companies that have successfully incorporated IT in their supply chains, in order to improve their operations and enhance customer service. (5 marks)
3. B) Snapzon, an online retailer plans to set up a new warehouse in order to make products available to the remote customers and to ensure faster deliveries of products. What are the factors that it must consider while choosing a warehouse location to meet its needs? (5 marks)

Taxation - Direct & Indirect
Required to
Q.1 . Compute the net taxable income of Mr. Aditya vyas for the Assessment year 2015-16, the details required are as under: (10 Marks)
(Amount in Rs)
1 Income from chemical manufacturing business 1000000
2 long term capital gain on transfer of debentures 600000
3 Agriculture income 82000
4 Following amount as Interest received on bank fixed deposit
a) Deposit in his own name 119000
b) In the name of minor son Aadi 1250
c) In the name of minor daughter Aditi 7500
5 Donation to notified charitable institution 120000
6 Bought forward loss of a discontinued business pertaining to A. Y 2013-14 30000
7 Deposit in PPF a/c 175000
8 Winning from horse race (net of TDS) 70000

Q2) Mr. Avinash is a manufacturer of plastic containers, started his production unit a year back, and now wants to shift his factory to another site. He wants to know the procedure to avail CENVAT Credit on inputs and provisions related to transfer of CENVAT Credit. Discuss. (10 Marks)
Q3 a) Mr. Amit owns a house property It is given on rent. Explain the concept of basis of charge under the above situation under the head Income from house property. (5 marks)
Q3 b) Mr. Romi is liable to deduct tax as he has entered a lot of transactions during the year liable to TDS. As a tax deductor, discuss his duties specified under the Income Tax Act. (5 marks)
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Export Import Procedures & Documentation
1. An importer has imported Jewelry box made of plastics. The CIF is Rs. 1,00,000 Add 1% to this to arrive at the landed cost. Please find out the chapter classification, rate of total duty and the duty amount to be paid to the customs to clear this consignment. (Marks 10)
2. An importer has imported one consignment on FOB basis and the value of the consignment is Rs. 10,00,000.00. He has forgotten to cover the insurance and also did not have any freight certificate to prove the freight paid by him. In absence of insurance and freight certificate how customs will arrive at the CIF value? Please explain the charges that may be added by the customs to arrive at CIF value. (Marks 10)
3. Please inform the following based on the Customs Tariff & Central excise tariff Book.
a. There are how many sections in Customs Tariff and Central Excise tariff for Imports (5 Marks)
b. There are how many chapters in Customs tariff and Central Excise tariff and how many are blank for Imports. (5 Marks)

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