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eCARE TECHNOLOGIES is one of the leading top Training and Consulting Company in Bangalore, with a good placement track record. We have certified trainers. We will provide Classroom/Online Training, Fast Track
training, with job assistance.

We are providing Exclusive Training on all Software tools. Faculty from top MNC's with highly skilled domain expertise will train & guide you with real time examples, project explanation. We also help you in resume preparation and provide job assistance till you get job
Oracle Database Administration (Rs.15,000 )
Exploring the Oracle Database Architecture
• Explain the Memory Structures
• Describe the Process Structures
• Overview of Storage Structures
Preparing the Database Environment
• Identify the tools for Administering an Oracle Database
• Plan an Oracle Database installation
• Install the Oracle software by using Oracle Universal Installer (OUI)
Creating an Oracle Database
• Create a database by using the Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA)
Managing the Oracle Instance
• Setting database initialization parameters
• Describe the stages of database startup and shutdown
• Using alert log and trace files
• Using data dictionary and dynamic performance views
Configuring the Oracle Network Environment
• Configure and Manage the Oracle Network
• Using the Oracle Shared Server architecture
Managing Database Storage Structures
• Overview of tablespace and datafiles
• Create and manage tablespaces
• Space management in tablespaces

Administering User Security
• Create and manage database user accounts
• Grant and revoke privileges
• Create and manage roles
• Create and manage profiles
Managing Data and Concurrency
• Monitor and resolve locking conflicts
Managing Undo Data
• Overview of Undo
• Transactions and undo data
• Managing undo
Database Maintenance
• Use and manage optimizer statistics
• Use and manage Automatic Workload Repository (AWR)
• Use advisory framework
• Manage Alerts and Thresholds
Performance Management
• Use Automatic Memory Management
• Use Memory Advisors
• Troubleshoot invalid and unusable objects
Backup and Recovery Concepts
• Identify the types of failure that can occur in an Oracle database
• Describe ways to tune instance recovery
• Identify the importance of checkpoints, redo log files, and archived log files
• Overview of flash recovery area
• Configure ARCHIVELOG mode
Performing Database Backups
• Create consistent database backups
• Back up your database without shutting it down
• Create incremental backups
• Automate database backups
• Manage backups, view backup reports and monitor the flash recovery area
Performing Database Recovery
• Overview of Data Recovery Advisor
• Use Data Recovery Advisor to Perform recovery (Control file, Redo log file and Data file)
Moving Data
• Describe and use methods to move data (Directory objects, SQL*Loader, External Tables)
• Explain the general architecture of Oracle Data Pump
• Use Data Pump Export and Import to move data between Oracle databases
Configuring for Recoverability
• Configure multiple archive log file destinations to increase availability
• Define, apply and use a retention policy
• Configure the Flash Recovery Area
• Use Flash Recovery Area
Using the RMAN Recovery Catalog
• Identify situations that require RMAN recovery catalog
• Create and configure a recovery catalog
• Synchronize the recovery catalog
• Create and Use RMAN stored scripts
• Back up the recovery catalog
• Create and use a virtual private catalog
Configuring Backup Specifications
• Configure backup settings
• Allocate channels to use in backing up
• Configure backup optimization
Using RMAN to Create Backups
• Create image file backups
• Create a whole database backup
• Enable fast incremental backup
• Create duplex backup and back up backup sets
• Create an archival backup for long-term retention
• Create a multisection, compressed and encrypted backup
• Report on and maintain backups
Using RMAN to Perform Recovery
• Perform complete recovery from a critical or noncritical data file loss using RMAN
• Perform incomplete recovery using RMAN
• Recover using incrementally updated backups
• Switch to image copies for fast recovery
• Restore a database onto a new host
• Recover using a backup control file
• Perform Disaster recovery
• Using RMAN to Duplicate a Database
• Creating a duplicate database
• Using a duplicate database
Performing Tablespace Point-in-Time Recovery
• Identify the situations that require TSPITR
• Perform automated TSPITR
Monitoring and Tuning RMAN
• Monitoring RMAN sessions and jobs
• Tuning RMAN
• Configure RMAN for Asynchronous I/O
Using Flashback Technology
• Restore dropped tables from the recycle bin
• Perform Flashback Query
• Use Flashback Transaction
Additional Flashback Operations
• Perform Flashback Table operations
• Configure, Monitor Flashback Database and Perform Flashback Database operations
• Set up and use a Flashback Data Archive
Diagnosing the Database
• Set up Automatic Diagnostic Repository
• Using Support Workbench
• Perform Block Media Recovery
Managing Memory
• Implement Automatic Memory Management
• Manually configure SGA parameters
• Configure automatic PGA memory management
Managing Database Performance
• Use the SQL Tuning Advisor
• Use the SQL Access Advisor to tune a workload
• Understand Database Replay
Space Management
• Manage resumable space allocation
• Describe the concepts of transportable tablespaces and databases
• Reclaim wasted space from tables and indexes by using the segment shrink functionality
Managing Resources
• Understand the database resource manager
• Create and use Database Resource Manager Components
Automating Tasks with the Scheduler
• Create a job, program, and schedule
• Use a time-based or event-based schedule for executing Scheduler jobs
• Create lightweight jobs
• Use job chains to perform a series of related tasks
Administering the Scheduler
• Create Windows and Job Classes
• Use advanced Scheduler concepts to prioritize jobs
Oracle Database Advanced Administration (Rs.15,000 )
• Dataguard
• Dataguard Architecture
• Protection Modes
• Configuration Physical Standby
• Configuration Logical Standby
• Switchcover and Failover
• Cascaded Standby Database
• Oracle Database Advance Administration
• Automatic Storage Management
• ASM Architecture
• Configuring ASM
• Configuring Raw Device
• Configuring ASM Disks
• Start and Shutdown ASM
• Maintaining Disk groups
• Migrating from and to ASM
• ASMCMD command Line
• Workshop with scenariors
• Assessment
• Oracle Real Application Clusters(RAC)
• RAC components
1. Oracle Clusterware
• Background processes in RAC
• Database files in RAC
1. Server parameter file
2. Datafiles
3. Control files
4. Online redo log files
5. Archived redo log files
6. Other files
• Maintaining read consistency in RAC
• Cache Coherency
• Cache fusion
• Global Resource Directory
• Mastering of resources
• Lock management
• Multi-instance transaction behavior
• Recovery
1. Cache recovery
2. Transaction recovery
3. Online block recovery
• Storage Management
• Disk fundamentals
1. RAID concepts
• Storage options for RAC
1. RAW devices
2. Clustered file system
3. ASM
e-Care technologies
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