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Perl Scripting industry level training in elegant it service in Sanjay Nagar

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  • School name: Perl Scripting industry level training in elegant it service
  • Available classes: preschool
  • Syllabus: state
  • Locality: Sanjay Nagar
Description for "Perl Scripting industry level training in elegant it service in Sanjay Nagar"

Perl Scripting industry level training in elegant it services

Introduction to PERL
Variables - Scalars, Arrays and Hashes
Scalar data - Numbers and Strings
Scalar variables
"print" function for output
Getting user input using
"chomp" and "chop" function
"undef" value and "defined" function
Defining Arrays and accessing Array elements
Special Array Indices
Array functions - pop, push, shift, unshift, reverse, sort
Defining and accessing Hash Data Structure
Hash functions - keys, values, each, exists, delete
Control Structures and I/O Basics
comparison operators
Associatively and precedence of operators
perl's default variables $_ and @_
"if" control structure
"while" control structure
Input from diamond <> operator and @ARGV
"foreach" control structure
"unless" and "until" control structure
"else" and "elsif" clause
"for" control structure
Loop Controls - last, next, redo, Labelled blocks
Logical operators - && and ||
Ternary Operator, ?
Formatted output with "printf"
Functions - System and User defined
Defining and Invoking Subroutines
Passing values to subroutines
Returning values from subroutines
Subroutine private variables - "my" and "local"
When to omit ampersand
"strict" pragma
Regular Expressions
What are regular expressions
Simple patterns, Metacharacters, Quantifiers, Grouping, Alternatives
Understanding $`, $& and $'
Character Classes and Character class shortcuts
General Quantifiers
Anchors and Mem Parentheses (Back references/Memory Variables)
Regular Expressions (Cont.)
Case insensitive pattern matching
Binding Operator
Substitutions and global replacements
Case Shifting
"split" and "join" functions
File and Directory operations
Understanding Filehandles and Standard Filehandles
Opening, Using and Closing Filehandles
Function "die" and "warn"
Changing default output Filehandle
File Tests
Traversing around directories
Directory Handles
Creating, Removing, Renaming files and directories
Modifying permissions, ownership, timestamp etc
Process Management
Function "system" and interacting with the shell
Function "exec"
Builtin hash %ENV
Processes and Filehandles
Using "fork" function
Function "waitpid"
Signals and function "kill"
OOP s Concept
Bless function

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