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PowerShell Scripting Training

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Description for "PowerShell Scripting Training"

Expected Audience:
Any windows OS users who wants to automate their daily tasks.
1: Windows Powershell - Overview
Overview of course
2: Introduction to Windows Powershell
This chapter covers the reasons why Microsoft developed a command-line interface and a look at how
PowerShell operates as an administrative engine - not just a CLI, products that support Windows
PowerShell, installing Windows PowerShell, customizing the console window.
3: Securing the Shell
View scripts as a security concern and how past scripting languages like VBScript created security
issues; controlling script execution via the shell's Execution Policy; a primer on script signing, digital
signatures, and trust; How PowerShell profiles can become a "back door" through your security;
PowerShell requires a path in order to run scripts; PowerShell doesn't associate script filename
extensions with the shell itself.
4: Using the Shell for File and Folder Management
Use the same commands you've always used - although there are some differences in how they work
now; understand that spaces and quotation marks have special meaning to the shell; PSDrives adapt
different forms of storage into the shell as disk drives; add and use PSDrives, differences between
PSDrive capabilities, including filtering; display the contents of text files; redirect command output to
text files.
5: Command-Line Tips, Tricks, and Gotchas
Learn how to properly use single and double quotation marks; how to use escape characters; using
tab completion and command history; using -path and -literalPath parameters; using console
transcripts; understanding that different console hosts may exhibit different behaviors.
6: Command-lets, Snap-Ins, Aliases, and Help
Understand the relationship between aliases and cmdlets; use Get-Command to discover cmdlets;
obtain and read PowerShell help; runn cmdlets with parameter prompting; make, import, and export
aliases; adding cmdlets via PSSnapins; create custom consoles and profiles.
7: Basic Command-lets for Processes, Services, and Event Logs
Learn to manage processes in the shell; Manage services in the shell; manage Event Logs in the shell;
understand what information is missing from the shell; display all of the data the shell can obtain;
work with remote vs. local computers.
8: Retrieving Management Information from Remote Computers
Understanding and Exploring Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI); using WMI with the
local machine; using WMI with remote machines; specifying alternate credentials for remote
connections; filtering WMI data.
9: Using Variables, Objects, and Members
Understanding what variables are and why they're used; creating, populating, and displaying
variables; introducing objects; using simple objects like strings, numbers, and dates; viewing object
members; storing and using objects in variables; removing variables; storing credentials in a variable.
10: Understanding the Pipeline
What is the pipeline and why does the shell use it; visualizing the pipeline; using services in the
pipeline; using processes in the pipeline; piping objects to files and printers; writing simple objects to
the pipeline; writing text to the console window.
11: Mathematical and Comparison Operators
Basic math operators; Basic comparison operators; Advanced comparisons; Case sensitivity in
comparisons; command-parsing and expression-parsing modes in the shell.
12: Sorting, Measuring, Selecting and Filtering Objects in the Pipeline|26:39
Sorting objects; measuring objects; selecting object properties; selecting a subset of objects; filtering
objects out of the pipeline; developing a workflow for creating more complex command lines in the

Windows Powershell- Advanced
Expected Audience:
Windows SA, SQL Server DBA, Exchange admin, VB Script developer
1: Working with Collections of Objects in the Pipeline
Understanding and using collections/arrays; working with groups of objects as a unit; working with
individual objects from a group; using objects returned from WMI to perform individual tasks.
2: Understanding and Using the Formatting Subsystem
Using Out-Default to turn objects into text for display; writing to the console window using Out-Host;
understanding how the formatting subsystem works; using format-wide; using format-list; using
format-table; creating custom table columns.
3: Exporting, Importing, Comparing, and Converting Objects
Exporting objects to CSV files; importing CSV files; importing and exporting from XML files; comparing
collections of objects; converting objects to HTML tables.
4: Managing Active Directory and Local Users and Groups
Using the ADSI provider for local accounts; using ADSI for domain accounts; using the Quest cmdlets
for domain accounts; importing users from CSV into AD; examining the future of AD support in the
5: Windows Powershell Scripts
Using scripts vs. using the shell interactively; reviewing script security procedures and requirements;
writing a basic script; adding parameters to a script.
6: Windows Powershell Scripting Language
Using logical constructs; using looping constructs; using enumeration constructs; reviewing the
remainder of the scripting language.
7: Modularization: Scriptblocks and Functions
Making and executing a scriptblock; Making a simple function; passing input to a function; producing
output and returning a value from a function; writing a Ping-Host function.
8: Creating Functions that Work in the Pipeline
Working with multiple objects in the pipeline; creating a pipeline function; producing pipeline output
from a function; converting a regular function into a pipeline function.
9: Creating Functions that Produce Custom Objects
Why objects are important - keeping all the info you need; creating a custom object; attaching a
custom property to a custom object; outputting a custom object; converting a pipeline function to
output custom objects; formatting and re-using custom object output in the pipeline.
10: Error Trapping and Handling in Scripts
Examining error messages and exceptions; using the -ErrorAction parameter; trapping an exception;
specifying how to exit a trap; following trap scope; reviewing errors and capturing errors into a
11: The Purpose of Debugging
Understanding the purpose of debugging; reviewing a buggy script; preventing syntax bugs; adding
trace code to spot logic bugs; using the step debugger to find logic bugs.
12: Introduction to Regular Expressions
Recognizing data based on format; writing simple regular expressions; using the -match operator,
using wildcards and repetition; using character sets and ranges; using character classes; grouping
patterns; resources and examples for regular expressions; using Select-String with regular expressions
to scan for text patterns in files.
13: Creating a Practical Administrative Tool in Windows Powershell
Define the task; break the task into components; write and test code to implement each task;
assemble the final script; test and debug the final script; implement scripting best practices.

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