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Truth of SAP Training
Hi Friends,
I approach to many Institutions in Bangalore and Hyderabad but I haven’t learned SAP SD Module as it has to be learned. I have changed one institution to another bcoz I was not satisfied with the training, finally I learned from realtime consultant. But when I was started to give interviews, I came to know I didn’t learn sap at all or nobody taught me how sap run in realtime. I felt I didn’t understand or learned sap to get job and even I felt I could not accomplish my responsibility as a sap consultant with this limited knowledge. I just lost my TIME, MONEY and ENERGY but nothing gained.
I was giving sap sd training in Bangalore before I get job in sap platform, the owner of Institution told me that finish course within one month, so that we collect full amount and paid other expenses. I felt that most of the institution providing training for to make money, they are not interested about the Trainee (sap candidate) his/her goal, objective, dream, career aspiration, value of time of candidates, financial position and expectation of candidate when he/she availing training etc.. They know very well candidate didn’t know anything about sap and easily we can cheat her/him by just giving overview or brief configuration doing in system. I also visited to Hyderabad Amir pet area where many software training Institution we can see with big banners sophisticated or well furnished class rooms, office etc.., I met to candidates who learned sap SD, FI/CO module and spent 6 months and they spent more than 6 month in practicing sap but when I ask few basic question on sd and fico module they didn’t answer my question. And they also told me they are not running business cycle what you are asking. I understood these people also teach sap to make money but not to make sap aspirant career bright.
That inspired me that, being a realtime consultant and technical panel in my organization I plan to impart sap sd training to candidates on consideration basis. But my training style is different from other which I have given brief about content of my training (I mean what I need to cover, methodology of teaching and very important that how this training help you to crack in interview and learn sap as sap demands or make you to meet technical panel and organization’s expectations.).
This training helps to those candidates who are planned to make career in SAP and also those who learned sap and now searching jobs in SAP.
As of now I am imparting only ONLINE Training bcoz as per my organization or client requirement I need to travel from one place to another. Nowadays Online training is best technique from which one can avail training from any place and on his/her convenient time.
I. Training provided on Sales & Distribution Module+CIN+Realtime Project
Duration Minimum 3 Months Maximum 4 Months

SAP SD Module Topics (Configuration, End user Documents and Presentation-PPT’s, Going to Cover in Online Training)
1. Introduction to ERP, SAP Technology, SD Module, FI Module, MM Module & ABAP Module
2. Enterprise Structure
3. Master Data (CMR, CMIR & MMR)
4. General Business Process followed by Manufacturing Industry
5. Sales Documents
6. Item Categories for Sales Documents
7. Schedule line Categories for Sales Documents
8. Pricing (SD-FI Integration)
9. Condition Types for Pricing
10. Condition Exclusion for Pricing
11. Condition Supplement
12. Free Goods
13. Header Condition in Pricing
14. Account Determination (SD-FI Integration)
15. Revenue Account Determination (SD-FI Integration)
16. Partner Determination Procedures
17. Output Determination (SD-ABAP Integration)
18. Copy Control for Sales Documents
19. Incompletion Log
20. Bills Of Material (BOM) (SD-MM, SD-PP Integration)
21. Material Determination/Product Selection
22. Item Proposal/Product Proposal
23. Material listing & Exclusion
24. Sales Orders (Std Sales Order, Rush Order, Cash Sales, Domestic & Export Sales Orders, Factory Sales, Depot Sales, Sample Sales, Scrap Sales, Asset Sales, Jobwork Sales, Institution Sales, Deemed Export Sales, Distributor Sales, Agent Commission Sale etc..
25. Customer Complaints (Return Sale Orders, Subsequent Free of Charge Goods, Free of Charge Goods Credit & Debit Memo, and Cancellation of Excise Invoice etc…)
26. Invoice Correction Requests
27. Contracts/Outline Agreements (Quantity Contract, Value Contract, Service Contract & Schedule line agreement
28. Consignment Business Process (Consignment Fill Up, Issue, Return & Pick up)
29. Credit Management (SD-FI Integration)
30. Transfer of Requirement (TOR) & Availability Check (SD-MM, SD-PP Integration)
31. Inter Company Sales (SD-MM, SD-PP Integration)
32. Third Party Sales process (SD-MM Integration)
33. Make To Order (SD-MM, SD-PP Integration)
34. Variant Configuration (SD-MM, SD-PP Integration)
35. Individual Purchase Order (SD-MM Integration)
36. Stock Transfer Order (STO) (SD-MM, SD-PP Integration)
37. Outbound Deliveries
38. Returnable Packing
39. Packing
40. Billing Documents (SD-FI Integration)
41. Rebates (SD-FI Integration)
42. Basic ABAP knowledge require for Functional Consultant (Table, Fields, Programme names, User Exit, Report, LSMW, Debugging, SAP Script, Smart Forms)
43. SAP Interface (ALE, EDI, IDOCs, BADIs, BAPIs & RFC)

II. Business Process (After Completion of SD & CIN Module below Business Process is going to RUN in SAP System to know how SD module is integrated with other module and what and how Business Process are being followed by Manufacturing Companies using SAP Technolog).

1. Standard Sales Order
2. Rush Order
3. Cash Sales
4. Domestic Sales
5. Export Sales
6. Factory Sales (CIN)
7. Depot Sales (CIN)
8. Sample Sales
9. Scrap Sales
10. Asset Sales
11. Jobwork Sales
12. Institution Sales
13. Deemed Export Sales (CIN)
14. Distributor Sales
15. Agent Sales or Agent Commission Sale
16. Return Sale
17. Subsequent Free of Charge Goods Sale
18. Free of Charge Goods Sales
19. Credit & Debit Memo
20. Invoice Correction Requests
21. Quantity Contract, Value Contract, Service Contract & Schedule line agreement
22. Consignment Business Process (Consignment Fill Up, Issue, Return & Pick up)
23. Inter Company Sales
24. Third Party Sales process
25. Make To Order
26. Variant Configuration
27. Individual Purchase Order
28. Stock Transfer Order (STO)
29. Returnable Packing
30. Rebate for Customer

III. CIN -Country India Version (This module only for Indian Clients/Projects, If you are handling Non Indian Projects/Clients , than no need to learn this Module, For Indian Clients/Projects this Module helps you to configure Tax Procedure or Customs as per Indian Law)

 Country Version India CIN : ( SD and FA) : Features, Business Processes, Configuration in SD and FA, Configuration of Pricing procedures, Sales Order, Delivery, Billing, Excise invoice, Printing excise invoice, Post Sales Processes
 Tax determination (SD and FA): Tax procedure, Tax codes, Condition records and tax determination
 Business Process: Factory Sales, Depot Sales, Jobwork Sales, Domestic & Export Sales, Sample Sales, Scrap Sales & Deemed Export.

IV. Training on Real-time Projects (Implementation, Support & Rollout Project)

 ASAP Methodology & Deliverables in each Stage
 Documents, Software & Hardware Used in each Stage
 Testing Method, Types, Techniques, Tools & Process
 LSMW & BDC to upload cutover data & Non Sap Data
 Functional, Technical, Design Specifications
 Tools used in Implementation & Support Project & its usage
 Production Support E2E Procedure
 Realtime Tickets, ticketing tools & handling Procedure etc…
 UAT Test & End User Training
 End user manuals and training documents
 SLA & Year ending activities
 Go Live and Post Go-Live Support

V. Methodology of Imparting SAP Training

 First I am going to give information about the virtue of ERP and SAP Technology used in Manufacturing Industry
 Its usage and importance of SAP technology being implemented in Manufacturing Industry
 Teach you SAP SD topics one by one in sequential manner, as it has to be learn
 While I will teach or impart training on any particular SAP SD topic, I will not only impart/teach the Configuration part in system but also teach with realtime examples, its usage, causes of configuring, its importance, its control parameters and last but the least teach how this will impact on other module or other area of SAP
 After Completion of a particular topic say for example: Immediately completion of ‘PRICING’ topic, I will give you Configuration notes (with screen shots), End User Documents (with screen shots) and presentation (PPT) notes for your reference.
 Again after immediately completion of ‘PRICING’ topic I will discuss with you most expected Interview Questions which the technical panel ask during your Interview and I will give you assignment to practice in your home (Blue Print of Organization who already implemented SAP)
 I will RUN each ‘Business Process’ (as I said before) followed by most of the Manufacturing Companies in the world. This helps you to better understand SAP SD Module and its integration with other Module
 I will teach/impart training on ABAP, basic knowledge require for Functional Consultant, to prepare functional specification (this is the important role of any functional consultant while configuring as per client requirement)
 Teach you CIN (Country India Version for Indian Projects/Clients or for Indian SAP Candidates) and RUN related Business Process followed by Indian Companies. And also provide you configuration, presentation (PPT’s) and End User Documents with screen shots, that helps you to practice and update CIN knowledge.
 After completion of SAP SD Module and CIN Module, I will impart training of realtime Implementation & Production Support Projects. Here I will cover you, your roles & responsibility in each stage/phase of asap methodology, deliverable, documents, sign off, etc.. In other words teach you entire process of both implementation & support projects and give you all documents prepared during projects. In simple word ‘I WILL SHOW & TELL YOU STORY OF SAP REALTIME MOVIE, BUT DURING INTERVIEW YOU HAVE TO TELL THEM I REALLY WATCHED THAT MOVIE’
 After completion of all these stuffs I will give you 12GB data DVD’s. These DVD’s or SAP Data helps you throughout in your SAP career, I mean you can utilize these data through out in your SAP Career, it includes real time data which are preparing and following in each phase of different projects (like Implementation, and Support projects) in different Companies, Example, Blue Prints, Sign off Documents, Testing Scripts, Templates of Functional Specifications, User Manuals, Training documents (PPT’s and PDF’s) and end to end configuration notes of SD, FI/CO, CS, PS, MM & ABAP Module, this helps to every functional & technical consultant should know and practice. And integration of SD with MM, SD with FI/CO, SD with PS, SD with ABAP, SD with CIN configuration, MM with CIN configuration, FI with CIN configuration many more…..
 Finally I will discuss, share more than 500+ interview question being asked in Interview on SAP SD, CIN Module and on realtime projects (both Implementation & Support Projects). From this you can brush your sap knowledge and update the same and this helps you to enter in SAP boxing ring TO FIGHT & TO WIN.
 Last but not the least is I will give you post training support to you all, I mean after completion of course, you can clarify questions, doubts or anything else you have been asked during Interview but I didn’t cover during training or if you require any document I will support you every time in every stage of your SAP Career


 For SAP SD Module+(CIN-Option for Non-Indian)
+Projects+SAP DVD’s [Combo-Pack]
 Minimum 4 months, Maximum 5 Months
 For SAP SD Module+(CIN-Option for Non-Indian)+Projects+SAP DVD’s
 Rs.35,000 (INR)

 For SAP SD Module Only (Configuration part, running all SD Business Process & configuration documents)
 Minimum 2 Months Maximum 90 days
 For SAP SD Module Only
 Rs.25,000 (INR) (with Running Business Process)

 For SAP SD CIN only (Configuration part, running all CIN related Business Process & configuration documents)
 Minimum 1 Month Maximum 45 days
 For SAP SD CIN only
 Rs.12,000 (INR) (with Running Business Process)

 For SAP Real-time Projects (End to end process both implementation & support, documents, tickets, testing documents, functional specifications etc..)
 For SAP Real-time Projects Only
 Rs.7,000 (INR)
 Minimum 20 days Maximum 30 Days
 For SAP DVD’s (12GB Data) Only
Rs.5,000 (INR)

MY FUTURE PLANNING (as of now I not yet started this)

 SAP Testing- Using HP-QC & QTP Tool

{Iam showing you the real time sap movie but during interview you should perform/act like, the panel/interviewer think that you saw/watched the real time sap movie} This quote is to those candidates who seeking job in sap world.

To watch/see content of SAP Data DVD contact us to below address

Contact me to-

Email: sapsdknowledgeshare at the rate of gmail dot com
Facebook: : search by key sapknowledge share

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